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Who We Are Specialists in organizational change and stock market behavior...

We are industrial and organizational psychologists - also known as IO psychologists - and we deliver a wide range of consulting services across the breadth of two specialties: organizational development and investment behavior.

Our reach is global, but, as a small firm operating out of centers in New York and London, we provide a service that is personal, building up a relationship with clients over time. In this way, clients not only feel able to tell us exactly what the organizational problem is, but they can be sure we will be there, available, as developments proceed. The bottom line is that it is our goal to foster useful organizational development or needed change, and then nurture this towards a successful conclusion, where the results of our work can be clearly seen.

Results are important to us and since 1999, when we were established, Psychonomics has built up a formidable reputation for professionalism and integrity. The reason? Simple. We deliver on client work, making sure that it is both informed, by listening to client needs, and supported, by current research in the particular area we are asked to help in. And, as recognized authorities in our field, we have ongoing research programs to develop our knowledge base, so as to more effectively apply new findings and provide enhanced client services.

In addition, we place great stress on qualifications and training at Psychonomics and our team represents some of the most talented and able people in the field. All of us are graduate industrial and organizational psychologists, with Masters or PhD's from recognized universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. We have the best people, and we are always ready to hear how potential clients would like to make use of our skills.










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