Employee Development

Let's say you are a multi-national food production company and the market for your products has recently changed. Activities and responsibilities of key individuals, as well as groups, must now also change to meet the new challenges that have arisen.

An employee development program is needed. To do this we design a development center where we engender discussion amongst the participants and focus it around the main business challenges being faced to find the best way to progress. With facilitated review and feedback insights can be revealed that often lead to a redefinition of roles. Actions plans are also developed which are of immediate benefit to the business.

Of course, to know what can be done in the future its useful to know what skills can be called on. The development center therefore also serves the purpose of assessing the abilities and potential of groups of managers. Hence, besides a re-specification of employee purpose, in addition to that of the roles of teams and the individuals who work within them, other areas that lend themselves to development initiatives of this type include: formulating development plans for junior and senior managers, the identification of leadership potential, a determination of areas for immediate employee development, and providing the tools and support so that key employees can take responsibility for their own career management and how they are going to drive it forward, as well as defining what is required for their own personal development. Psychonomics will also produce personalized reports of the development plans where needed.

One way we accomplish our brief is by working with individuals within career development workshops. In these, managers construct their personal development plans, which we help refine. Throughout, we encourage the establishment of trust and a feeling of personal ownership of the development plan.

Alternatively, client organizations may require the development center activities to be linked to performance reviews. In these circumstances we implement a program of assessment and development activities that may include: 360-degree feedback, self-evaluation, paper-and-pencil exercises, business simulations, and group discussions.

Within the context of the development center or outside, and where needed, we also develop opportunities for specified training input in areas of deficient management, development skills, and general organizational skills. Follow-up activities also ensure that the learning is effective.

In addition, whatever the purpose of the employee development program, we strive to produce an environment that is conducive to learning and reflection. With a low employee coach ratio and pleasant surroundings, a professional but relaxed atmosphere can materialize. Participants have the opportunity and time to respond productively to feedback and, even more importantly, think anew about their own overall future development.

The results of our development programs when considered collectively also provide insights into the culture and skills the organization possesses as a whole. This knowledge can prove invaluable as it highlights the strategic decisions that need to be made in such areas as: planning, production, marketing, succession, hiring needs, and ongoing organizational development.










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