The Psychonomic Investor Profiler
  an investment tool for personal and professional use... because all investors are not the same
Want to know what type of investor you are? Or simply want to see if the PIP is right for use with your clients? Take a trial...

Our investor profiling tool, the PIP, provides a simple method of assessing an investor's personality in terms of the type of investor they are according to six categories. These categories are then linked to how risk is handled for a comprehensive profile. The information provided by the PIP can be called upon by brokers and financial intermediaries in order to guide clients towards investment solutions tailored to their individual needs. Used as part of an overall assessment of a client's personal financial history and current situation the PIP is a powerful tool.

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The PIP allows...
Categorization of investors into 'types'
An analysis of risk propensity
A fast method of assessing clients
Linked investment vehicle strategies
Better - and regulatory compliant - client outcomes
                    ...and more


With a license, you will have unlimited access to the PIP for personal or commercial use for the duration of your plan period.

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Apologies! Due to the increased interest in the PIP our server has been overwhelmed! The 'sample test' option is still available. But if you would like to investigate it more, through a 'Trial' or 'Annual' license, please email us ( and we will add you to our list, and as soon as it's up and running again we will get in touch.

Trial User

Trial user license. A one-week license for testing and familiarizing yourself with the full fuctionality of the PIP.

Annual License

An annual license will allow you or your company unlimited access and use on the Psychonomics website, as well as unlimited use of the PIP in its paper or electronic form on your company premises or on your own business website should you wish to develop it.









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