Psychonomics will tailor and administer surveys according to client requirements. For example, you may want to undertake corporate questionnaires, employee appraisal, competency feedback assessment, or departmental evaluation. Or, you may want to find out specific information that you designate in your organization. Areas here that we have previously consulted in include: employee satisfaction, and information flow on job handover between employees and teams working abroad on short-term contracts.

The questionnaire is often the method chosen to conduct the survey, although our final report may often contain data from other sources, such as interview.

We can advise on the design of survey questionnaires for in-house use. This includes: wording of questions, choice of rating scales, underlying rationale, structure, length, and balance between multiple-choice and comment questions, as well as questions where respondents are free to state their thoughts in their own words; which often produces rich and valuable data.

While Psychonomics can provide paper-based solutions, we are also expert in using web-based survey administration and data collection. We offer internet and intranet surveys, which are ideal for collecting data across an organization, especially global ones. Respondents can easily complete their questionnaires either at their desk or on-line. All that is required is e-mail and a web browser. Data entered are immediately stored in our secure database.

Whichever method we use, to customize a survey generally requires the following labor-intensive steps.


Initiating the project


In consultation with the client, we determine the theme to be examined in the survey.



Designing the questionnaire


We carefully select items and rating scales and choose the precise wording of questions and explanatory material. These instructions are then entered into the system together with the completed questionnaire.



Choosing participants


Working closely with relevant managers, names of participants to be used are collated along with their e-mails. Any employees to receive feedback are also designated at this time.





During this important stage we trial the survey to check that it works as expected, as well as testing any customized technology that might be needed to allow it to be administered.



Sending questionnaire


For electronic surveys this is straightforward. Paper surveys entail printing and mailing.



Collecting data


Again, for electronic surveys this is straightforward. Paper surveys can entail a large amount of data entry. This is compounded if there are many comment questions written in illegible longhand.





Participants, as well as managers, often have questions that have to be dealt with. Respondents may drop out or have to be added after set-up.



Chasing uncompleted questionnaires


Chasing designated participants is often the only way to ensure reasonable response rates. This can be time-consuming.





The data is assessed, often statistically, and its meaning determined.



Producing the report


The report will present the survey results and findings, interpreted where applicable, as well as our recommendations. The report itself may vary depending on whether a document is simply e-mailed or printed as a bound color document. It also varies with the extent of additional analysis required.



Throughout the project, we work closely with clients. This, and our experience with a wide range of client needs and surveys, ensures that your survey will run smoothly.









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